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On a case by case basis we offer customized event management services that leverages our experience and resources with the event organization's existing capabilities in order to achieve a cost-effective event management strategy. Our services include: course planning and measuring, permit acquisition assistance, budgeting, website design in RunSignUp, postcard design and printing, medal and award design, bib design and printing, t-shirt design and printing, restroom and dumpster coordination, public safety and medical coordination, course marking and setup, aid station setup, sound systems and music, finish line announcer, tables, tents, chairs and stages.



Prior to race:

  • We can assist you with setting up your race on

  • We will coordinate your race bibs, custom bibs available for an additional fee.

  • We will advertise your race on our website, our social media, and emails.

  • If you are new to putting on a race, we are available to answer questions you may have along the way.

Race Day:

  • Our crew will be on site at least 90 minutes prior to your race start, setting up the finish line.

  • All runners will be provided a bib that will have a Chronotrack chip affixed to it.

  • Provide enough timing chips to cover race day registration.

  • Race day registration available.

  • Race day tabulation of award winners and overall results printed on race site.

  • Digital finish line display clock.

  • Starting air horn.

  • We video the finish line.

  • We break down the finish line and leave the area like we were never there.

After Race:

  • Results forwarded to the media of your choice.

  • Electronic copy of results for your use.

  • Results posted on

  • Shortly after the race the video will be available for all runners to view on

  • We will work with correcting any errors that may pop up in the timing (rare but it does happen).

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